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H?handlar det om  Mercedes, Maltwhisky och Mekaniska Musik Maskiner.

Fascinerad av Antika Automatiska Musikinstrument
som hade en glansperiod fram till 1930 talet.
Renoverar och samlar p?olika roliga instrument.
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Skandinavisk Pagodatr?
Malt whiskey
Livets vatten.
Mina personliga maltprovarresultat.

Olja och Gas
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Fashion is what defines individuality today. Every fragment of being revolves around face value, and this has given a boost to the fashion industry. The industry s lucrative growth is testimony to higher spending powers, only resulting in more designer and fashionable goods being sold.

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Promotional tools help shaping up the brands image for their specific target audience which resides in all parts of the world, a number of other local brands are able to leverage from it as well.

Most of these smaller brands aren t able to afford the large advertising spends and hence, there is another alternative that is used to captivate the attention of their target audience - "webvertising", or "online marketing"; also known as "imarketing".

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The advent of Internet and technology has definitely impacted the Fashion Industry. Many brands with their own websites have started selling their creations online. The boost of e-commerce has made a huge difference. As a customer, all one has to bloglink do is feed in your credit card details, and avail yourself to a choice of products - with the luxury of having your purchases delivered home.

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Customers are able to easily shop for casual, work clothes and even wedding gowns online by searching by price, size and color, consequently pampering themselves with the weapon of choice.

The question is, is it only Fashion or more?

The fashion industry has been able to take tremendous advantage of online advertising techniques. Yet, there are a number of unexplored areas that they can optimize using innovative online marketing tactics. Using the ever evolving tools in the form of smart phones and QR codes, the sector can benefit by providing innovative applications that help customers make fashionable choices.

The internet has tremendous scope and the fashion industry has been able to leverage only the tip of an iceberg.

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